Walking Stick Whistles

Walking stick whistles in low G and F not available at present
made with 28mm bore aluminium tube and a walnut hand knob and rubber foot ferrule.

These whistles are sideblown, with a Delrin plug. The blow hole is opposite the window. The foot can be pulled out. With the foot removed the whistle lies very well balanced supported with the left hand.
Left-sided and flute versions also available.

Length made to measure. As a general rule a comfortable stick length is about half of the person's height plus 13mm / half an inch. But it is better to check the length of a walking stick you use and are comfortable with. Alternatively you could measure the height from floor to your wrist bone, with the arm dangling at your side, and wearing your normal walking shoes.

See also Harmonic-Overtones-Flutes, which are available as walking sticks.