Combo Sets

Combining two or three whistle bodies with one head can be an economical way to acquire a whole range of whistle keys, without compromising on tone and playability.

The following lists nine whistle combo sets by nominal bore diameter, to cover the range of all 20 keys from high E to low A. These combinations match keys and bore very well.

Bore (nominal)Combo SetPrice
12mmE + Eb combo set130 GBP
13mmD + C#/Db combo set140 GBP
14mmC + B combo set150 GBP
16mmBb + A combo set180 GBP
18mmG#/Ab + low G + low F#/Gb combo set245 GBP
20mmlow F + low E combo set225 GBP
23mmlow Eb + low D + low C#/Db combo set300 GBP
26mmlow C + low B combo set280 GBP
28mmlow Bb + low A combo set340 GBP

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