All prices are in British Pound Sterling (GBP). I accept payment via Paypal or UK cheque. Please make your payment in British Pound Sterling (GBP), when ordering from another country!
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Standard whistlessingleextra body
E, Eb100 GBP+30 GBP
D, C#/Db110 GBP+30 GBP
C, B120 GBP+30 GBP
Bb, A, G#/Ab145 GBP+35 GBP
Low G, Low F#/Gb165 GBP+40 GBP
Low F, Low E180 GBP+45 GBP
Low Eb, Low D, Low C#/Db200 GBP+50 GBP
Low C, Low B220 GBP+60 GBP
Bass Bb, Bass A
Bass G#/Ab, Bass G
270 GBP+70 GBP
Gypsy Whistlessingleextra body
Gypsy F#/Gb, F100 GBP+30 GBP
Gypsy E, Eb110 GBP+30 GBP
Gypsy D, C#/Db120 GBP+30 GBP
Gypsy C, B, Bb145 GBP+35 GBP
Gypsy A, G#/Ab165 GBP+40 GBP
Gypsy Low G, Low F#/Gb180 GBP+45 GBP
Gypsy Low F, Low E, Low Eb200 GBP+50 GBP
Gypsy Low D, Low C#/Db220 GBP+60 GBP
Gypsy Low C, Low B
Low Bb, Low A
270 GBP+70 GBP
Multi-Modal Whistles
MM high C140 GBP
MM high Bb155 GBP
MM high A165 GBP
MM low G180 GBP
MM low F190 GBP
MM low E210 GBP
MM low D220 GBP
MM low C240 GBP
Nine-hole whistles
Soprano-C nine-hole whistle145 GBP
Alto-G nine-hole whistle190 GBP
Alto-F nine-hole whistle210 GBP
Recorder whistles
C recorder whistle145 GBP
D Plus Whistles
D Plus whistle120 GBP
Kaval whistles
low D Kaval whistle200 GBP
low A Kaval whistle230 GBP
PVC flutes
PVC flute in low Eb, D, C# or C100 GBP
Harmonic Overtones flutes
Harmonic-Overtones-Flute135 GBP
Walking Stick Harmonic Overtones Flute170 GBP

Shipping costs

Whistles are posted insured and by air to international destinations.
Depending on destination a flat rate per parcel is added to the costs for whistles or flutes, for orders up to 250 GBP value. If the value of the order is larger than 250 GBP I may need to split it into several shipments, because of insurance cover, and add more shipping costs.

EU and Europe:15 GBP
US and Worlwide:20 GBP


Thumb hole

A C-natural thumb hole for improved C natural and C sharp (using D whistle nomenclature) is available at no extra cost.

Cloth Bag

Made of strong denim or upholstery fabric, with elastic or draw cord: 10 GBP
Available as an extra when ordering a whistle. Can be made with extra pocket for additional whistle body when ordering whistle combo.

Velvet bag and low D whistle
Velvet bag and low D whistle

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