Low D Whistles

Low D whistle
Low D whistle with offset finger holes
low D whistle - 200 GBP
made out of thin-walled aluminium tubing with 23mm bore

Listen to low D samples:
sample 1: (Improvisation [with extra reverb])
sample 2: (Failte Don Eilean Sgitheannach)
sample 3: (Bríd Óg Ní Mháille)
sample 4: (Improvisation 2 [with extra reverb])

low Eb/D combo set - 250 GBP
One head with two bodies for low Eb and low D, using 23mm bore tubing
low Eb/D/C# combo set - 300 GBP
One head with three bodies for low Eb, low D and low C#, using 23mm bore tubing

Finger holes can be in-line or offset to your requirements. Please specify when ordering. In-line holes require piper's grip, which is common among low whistle players. The offset holes allow comfortable playing for large hands using the finger pads. Alternatively, with only hole 3 offset, one could finger the top three holes normally, with the pads, while using piper's fingering on the lower three holes. Part of the ordering process will be to determine what your specific requirements are, depending on hand size and perhaps what you are used to.

The whistle can have a thumb hole for C natural fitted at no extra cost. I believe the benefits getting a more powerful C nat, and more fingering variations for C nat and C# are worth the effort in learning to use it, if you never had one. Please specify if you like a thumb hole when ordering.

Head with "box ears"

Low D whistle head with "box ears" to increase height of the window walls for more powerful and full sound.

low D head
low D head

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