D Whistles

D and C whistle
D whistles (14, 13, 12mm bore)
D whistle - 110 GBP
made out of thin-walled aluminium tubing with 13mm bore
wide-bore D whistle - 120 GBP
using 14mm bore tubing, for more power, great for sessions, ensemble and outdoor playing

Listen to D sample 1 (Miss Monaghan) played by Blayne Chastain. http://www.blaynechastain.com/i-teach
Listen to D sample 2 (John Stephen of Chance Inn)
Listen to D sample 3 (Hakki's Polka)|

D/C combo set - 150 GBP
A Session D and standard C whistle combined, one head two bodies.
Can be further extended by adding bodies for C# and B.

See also D-Plus-Whistles for D whistles with added C below bottom D.

D Plus whistle

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