Bass G Whistles

bass G whistle - 270 GBP
made out of light-weight 28mm bore aluminium tubing with elbow bend head.
bass Bb/A/G combo set - 410 GBP
One head with three bodies for bass Bb, A and G, using 28mm bore tubing with elbow bend head.

Listen to bass G sample

This whistle requires large hands for the extra finger stretch, even with piper's grip. Distance between R2 and R3 (hole 5 and 6) is ca 64mm. Hole sizes are a little reduced for an easier reach and covering, hole 5 (R2) is 11.5mm. Both L3 and R3 (hole 3 and 6) are offset by a small amount, to get better covering, even with using piper's grip. Overall length ca. 830mm, mouth to hole 6 distance is about 700mm, requiring a good stretch on the arms. Not for short armed people! The bend tuning barrel design reduces the overall arm stretch considerably, compared to a straight design.

About the bend tuning barrel design

My first prototype head for the bass G was straight. With my large arms and hands I could finger it, but only just. The right arm was stretched so much that the whistle needed to be cradled in the crook of the right hand thumb. The 45 elbow bend above the tuning barrel relieves all that, and now the bass G is much easier to finger.

The head itself can be rotated in the elbow bend, and rotating it a little to the side, and rotating the body as well a little in the tuning barrel, gives the possibility to play the whistle pointing slightly sideways.

Bass G, low C and low D whistles
Bass G, low C and low D whistles
elbow bend head
head with bend tuning barrel

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