Bass A Whistles

elbow bend head
head with bend tuning barrel for Bass Bb, A, G# and G
bass A whistle - 270 GBP
made out of light-weight 28mm bore aluminium tubing with elbow bend head.
bass Bb/A/G combo set - 410 GBP
One head with three bodies for bass Bb, A and G, using 28mm bore tubing with elbow bend head.
bass Bb/A combo set - 340 GBP
One head with two bodies for bass Bb and A, using 28mm bore tubing with elbow bend head.

Listen to bass A sample

This whistle requires large hands for the extra finger stretch, even with piper's grip. Distance between R2 and R3 (hole 5 and 6) is ca 60mm. Hole sizes are a little reduced for an easier reach and covering, hole 5 (R2) is 11.5mm. Both L3 and R3 (hole 3 and 6) are offset by a small amount, to get better covering, even with using piper's grip. Overall length ca. 730mm, mouth to hole 6 distance is about 610mm, requiring a good stretch on the arms. Not for short armed people! The bend tuning barrel design reduces the overall arm stretch considerably, compared to a straight design.

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