Some feedback about my whistles

I just received my new A/Bb whistles! Their tone is so unique and I find the tuning so on. It has been great playing them today and comparing their voice with my Sindt and Burkes. Very different. Your description as mellow and complexity of tone was perfect! My little whistle family is celebrating.

I greatly appreciate tuning and balance between the low and high registers! To me the low is rich, warm and softly bold while the high end has a sweet firm presence without being overbearing. The responsiveness to ornaments is so clear! That surprised me so much when I saw the tone hole size which at first seemed large. But that allows me so much leverage for expression! They're both great whistles. The more I play them the more I appreciate your craftmanship. Thank you Hans!

I received my new Bracker C whistle a couple of days ago and I've already put in a lot of time on it. Very nice whistle. Has a very pleasant and interesting tone. Soft and flute-like but with good volume and power. Response and ease of playing are very good though it does require some push in the upper 2nd octave and into the 3rd octave. It appears to have a fairly wide bore. Wider than on my Susato S series C whistle. My Generation can actually fit inside it. Intonation is very good. Hans can customize and calibrate the tuning to suit the customer's preference. I told him what I was looking for in terms of intonation and he delivered. Workmanship, fit and finish are first rate. The whistle feels good in the hands and the tone holes are silky smooth. Good looking whistle too. The aluminium almost looks like silver, my favourite metal. Maybe someday a solid silver Bracker, or maybe silver plated brass. I think Hans' whistles are worth checking out for anyone who wants to move beyond the factory whistles to a quality hand-made whistle that you can have customized to your specifications. His prices are very reasonable too.
R. Small

The whistles came in several days ago. Wow!! Nice!
I have had several low D whistles in aluminum, and I like yours the best! I am comparing it to Overton, Mike Burke, MK, and Chieftain to name a few.
I've not played the F/G set enough to compare those to my other F and G's.
But, your low D is definitely a winner for me!
Ed Gilkison

I've got the [Gypsy] whistles, I've been playing them all night, I love the scales they just play by them self ( hours of fun )

Super nice sweet tone, I shall be ordering some more some time this year, if you ever get into making wooden whistles I be most interested, those gypsy will sound superb in wood .
Oliver B.

Hans made me a [wide-bore low G] whistle, no the whistle! I asked for a whistle that had decent volume, reasonable breath requirements, able to blow easily into the second Octave. And a nice firm base note. I'm not sure what he did...far too complex stuff for me but it works beautifully. Still has some chiff, easy breath, lovely, loveley tone. Nice volume, not LOUD as in noisy but loud as in it carries. Easy second Octave.
Outside test soon.
Happiness {biggrin}
Oh and it's so light and easy!
Shame I don't want another whistle (did I really type that)!
Dave J. on Chiff & Fipple Whistle Forum

Hi Again.
Took the [wide-bore low G] whistle onto the South Downs in a 14 KMPH 'breeze' today.
Firstly, very good in the first Octave with my back to the wind  I lost no notes at all. As I turned into the wind I lost some notes (unsurprisingly) For a G whistle the volume in the first Octave is good but, it would need the support of other instruments to dance to when outside - but then what Low G wouldn't?

The very good news {happy}
Facing the wind you overblow to compensate for the wind, this whistle  then sounds lovely, the dirtiness in the second octave ( love it) that you note when the whistle is played indoors is virtually unnoticeable outdoors. You can play many Morris tunes in the second Octave and into the third. It works very well. I stood on the top of the Downs playing into a 14 kmph wind in the second octave and into the third  - this is a high air requirement but sod that, it works! {happy}  and the volume is good, if you played like that in the town this G could play on it's own.

I took the whistle along to practice tonight and played alongside accordian and melodeon. I could play it quietly, out of the way, to check and match to the tunes and then join in using more volume. This was all first/second octave work.

Hans, I can't fault this whistle for my purpose, I could only ask for the impossible and ask for a lower breath requirement in the second and third octave, and  more stability in the third octave! I've never had it clog, ever. I've never lost the base note, ever.

It works better as a High G than my High G's Susato and Alba. Quite simply, I don't need a High G anymore...

Again thanks
Dave J.

The [C Gypsy] whistle arrived this morning and I've been playing it all day since, it's fantastic I love it, I have to blow a bit softer with this whistle as I'm usually a fairly robust blower but that's a good discipline for me to learn. The different scales are great to have, I look forward to using this whistle a lot, it's just what I was looking for. Thanks heaps.
David Wright

Hi Hans, just a quick note to let you know that they [high E/F# Gypsy combo] did arrive yesterday morning, and that I haven't stopped playing them since they arrived too!!!!! They're absolutely wonderful, play nicely, and sound and look fantastic; and I like them a lot!!!! Thank you very much indeed. If ever I feel the need to add any further instruments to my whistle collection then I'll definitely be getting into contact with you again for sure. All the best, Gary (a very satisfied customer)