(:title-it Aluspiel - Campane tubulari:)

The Aluspiel is a kind of diatonic glockenspiel where aluminium tubes get hit with special mallets or soft beaters. It has a bell-like overtone-rich sound. The tone can be bright or more mellow depending on the hardness or softness of the beater used, and what part of the tube gets hit. The tone is more mellow than a glockenspiel with metal bars.

Listen to sample 1:
Listen to sample 2:

The Aluspiel is very suitable as an addition to other Orff instruments in schools, play-schools and kindergardens, as well as in music therapy and for beginners and experienced musicians and percussionists in general.

Each polished aluminium tube can be slid in its rubber bungee chord supports from a central position to a more off-centre position, which will vary the length of reverberation to suit the musical needs. The frame is made from pine wood with beech posts, and the whole instrument can be played lying on a table, a suitable stand, or on one's lap or propped up.

I can make to order a number of standard instruments, as well as fully customised versions, and additional tubes for different notes to change the key or mode. Tubes can be exchanged easily by sliding them in and out of their rubber band supports.

Standard Aluspiels:

Standard tuning is in C Major. Other tunings on request, like C Minor, C Hijaz / Freygish, pentatonic, or in other keys.

width: 38cm
depth: 48cm - 29cm
height: 7cm
11 note Alto Aluspiel - Price 130 GBP (Pound Sterling)
1½ octaves range C5 - F6 (C2 - F3 in Germany) ((:toggle init=hide id=box11a show="more info" hide="hide info" group=info:))
width: 50cm
depth: 48cm - 23cm
height: 7cm
15 note Alto Aluspiel - 160 GBP
2 octaves range C5 - C7 (C2 - C4 in Germany) ((:toggle init=hide id=box15a show="more info" hide="hide info" group=info:))
width: 50cm
depth: 67cm - 34cm
height: 7cm
15 note Tenor Aluspiel - 190 GBP
2 octaves range C4 - C6 (C1 - C3 in Germany) ((:toggle init=hide id=box15t show="more info" hide="hide info" group=info:))
width: 70cm
depth: 67cm - 23cm
height: 7cm
22 note Tenor-Alto Aluspiel - 250 GBP
3 octaves range C4 - C7 (C1 - C4 in Germany) ((:toggle init=hide id=box22ta show="more info" hide="hide info" group=info:))

Extra sets of tubes to add full set of semi-tones:

Full semi-tone set for 11 note Alto Aluspiel - 70 GBP
8 tubes C#5 - F#6
Full semi-tone set for 15 note Alto Aluspiel - 90 GBP
11 tubes C#5 - C#7
Full semi-tone set for 15 note Tenor Aluspiel - 110 GBP
11 tubes C#4 - C#6
Full semi-tone set for 22 note Tenor-Alto Aluspiel - 150 GBP
16 tubes C#4 - C#7

Individual tubes:

C4 - B4 - 14 GBP each
C5 - B5 - 10 GBP each
C6 - C7 - 7 GBP each

Large Tenor Aluspiel

Tenor model using larger and thicker tubes with extra long reverberation.
15 notes F3 to F5.
The tube lengths are from ca. 92cm to 45cm.

15 note Large Tenor Aluspiel - 250 GBP
2 octaves range F3 - F5 (F0 - F2 in Germany)
Full semi-tone set for it - 150 GBP
11 tubes F#3 - F#5
Individual tubes - 15 GBP each



  • Schulen (-Orff), Kindergärten, Musiker
  • Ton beschreiben
  • Musiktherapie
  • Handarbeit (handcrafted...)
  • verschiedene Größen
  • Sonderwünsche möglich
  • zwei Arten des Anspielens: mit und ohne Nachklang
  • verschiedene Schlägel möglich
  • Rohre auswechselbar, Zusatzrohre möglich, additional tubes can also be added later.
  • Maße
  • Gewicht
  • Rahmen aus …-Holz
  • Schlägel mitschicken!
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